Japanese/Taiwanese middle shelf complete and an exceptional gin

Good news for whisky fans, we now have both middle shelf Nikka from Japan (Yoichi, from Hokkaido & Miyagikyo from Sendai) and both middle shelf Kavalans from Taiwan (the standard and the Port Cask finish). They're all excellent, but we only have a bottle of each so first come, first served. All priced at a very reasonable 70 RMB.

Don't worry gin fans, something for you as well, The Botanist, from Islay, Scotland (as if I don't have enough stuff from Islay :). It's called the Botanist because the distillery employs 2 full time Botanists to collect herbs on the island to make the gin. And they've been carefully crafting...blah blah blah. Enough story, suffice to say it's so good I prefer to drink it alone, sipping it, rather than mixing it with tonic. There's a lot of horseshit assosciated with gins these days, but this one lives up to the hype. Straight 110 RMB, with tonic 130 RMB.