The Colombian Connection

I don't have Colombia's most famous export, but this week I did learn about Colombian Aguardiente, and how it's drunk in Colombia. It's basically unaged rum filtered through aniseed. This gives it a very light hint of liquorice, nothing like as strong as a Raki or an Ouzu though. You drink it with coffee grounds, brown sugar, and a lime wedge. It's only 30% ABV so isn't too dangerous, but a round of these is a good way to start or prolong the evening...

We also got the first Colombian Rum, a nice 8 year old. Quite different from other rums from South America, caramely, distinctive, and quite smooth. I wasn't planning on getting any more rum, but after I tasted this my resolve faded and now I have a bottle.

First three people to come in and tell me who the guy in the picture immediately below is get a free shot of either the ron or the aguardiente.


On topic's Colombian, the first season of the TV show Narco's is well worth your time. Despite being told from a gringo POV and having a Brazilian playing Pablo, it's very good, both entertaining and interesting... and good for brushing up on your Spanish. It's on Netflix or your favourite torrent site