Czech This Out!

Continuing our occasional series of country-specific weeks, this week we have the Czech Republic, a place that has a special place in my heart as I was in Prague over the New Year when they split from Slovakia... 

Anyway, enough ancient history, as well as having maybe the world’s most beautiful city in Prague, they also have great alcohol, and this weekend we've got Budvar, one of the Czech Republic's 3 main beers. A very easy to drink Pils that most other weak lagers would love to be. There is a story about how Budvar is the original Budweiser, but I won't go into that as mentioning them in the same sentence denigrates the former and compliments the latter.

Because man cannot live on beer alone, we'll follow that up with a Becherovka, the national spirit of the Czech Republic. It's a herbal concoction that's been made since the early 1800's. Today, only two people know the secret of the entire production process and may enter the mixing room—where, once a week, they mix the herbs and spices used in the drink.

Usually this little combo would set you back 90 RMB (Budvar 40, Becherovka 50) but for this weekend you get both for 65 RMB.

Also, Czechs especially welcome. I used to have a friend from Prague, but haven't seen him for a long time so would like a new Czechmate, when it was time to pay I’d tell them to get the Czech, and so on, groan.